Professional Services and Consulting:
• System Design - Technology Hardware and Software Solutions
• Professional Structural Engineering and Architectural Services
• Site Surveying Services
• Building Emergency Response - Development, Training, Drills, Evacuations
• Full tenant relocation services and construction assistance
• Legal services for real estate and Landlord/Tenant issues
• Real Estate Tax Attorneys
• Full lines of property, business and tenant insurances
• Complete electrical installations and service
• Snow melt options
• Plumbing installation and repairs
• Full HVAC installation, service and preventative maintenance
• Janitorial services
• Property surveillance and security services
• Landscaping design and curb appeal services
• Snow removal services
• Parking lot repairs and improvements
• Roofing repairs and replacements
• Exterior painting, siding and renovations
• Building retrofit services for energy efficiency
• Fire protection installation, maintenance and monitoring
• Full line of quality contractors for building construction and tenant finish projects

Management Options, Inc.'s long standing relationships in the property management and upkeep of some of Colorado's leading projects has provided us with the ability to offer additional services outside of the standard scope of property management. By maintaining a portfolio of quality consultants and service providers, our clients are able to access assistance with virtually every area of their investment needs.
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